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Kadotettujen muokkausten palauttaminen

Toisinaan tietokonetta käyttäessä saattaa joutua ongelmatilanteisiin. Selain tai tietokone saattavat kaatua, internet-yhteys katkeaa tai selainikkuna tulee suljettua vahingossa. Jos sinulla on oma WikiKotiSivu, niin kaikista aloitetuista muokkauksista tallentuu luonnos Esikatselu- tai Oikolue-toimintoja käyttäessä.

Sisällön palauttaminen luonnoksesta toimii esimerkiksi seuraavanlaisesti:

Every once in a while, your browser crashes, your PC freezes, your internet connection goes down, or you accidently close your browser window and you lose all the changes to the wiki page that you have been editing during the last hour. If you have a WikiHomePage (see there how to create one), the contents of your page editing progress are saved every time you do a Preview or Check Spelling.

To recover lost page edits after a PC crash or other mishap, click on the FindPage tab and type YourName/MoinEditorBackup in the Go To Page box at the bottom of the page. Be sure to replace YourName with your wiki login user name and type the page name exactly as shown.

The page you were last editing will be displayed as it was saved with the last Preview or Check Spelling action. Click the Edit action and then select and copy the lost edits from the edit box. If you copy the entire page -- be sure you do NOT copy the #acl line at the top of the page. Click cancel, return to the page you were editing, click the Edit action and then paste your recovered edits over the current contents.

/!\ Save the page. If you do a Preview or Check Spelling your MoinEditorBackup page will be over-written with the new page contents.

Remember to save the page more often next time.

2016-04-12 20:40