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Mark Keating


Mark Keating is an odd male with a fast-approaching five decades of chronological competence in his girth. He is married to Leigh a girl of great patience and unsurpassed kawaii-ness. They both live in Lancaster, UK, conveniently since they are wed. Mark has two children, both bouncing boys, and a cat called Darwin.

Mark Keating stumbled sideways into the magnificent world of Open Source by way of linguistics, literature, a publishing company and an undefined close association with Matt Trout.

Mark is a co-founder and Managing Director of Shadowcat Systems Limited a software development company specialising in Perl, Open Source Languages and modern web technology. Shadowcat Systems was started in 2005 and continues to this day as a professional consultancy highly recognised in the Lancaster community and the Perl community.

Mark is secretary of the Enlightened Perl Organisation, a Perl-based organisation that promotes modern Community projects and Enterprise Grade support for the Perl Language. The Enlightened Perl Organisation provides funding and support for the send-a-newbie program, Strawberry Perl, MetaCPAN, CPAN Testers, LPW and a variety of other Perl based initiatives.

Mark is one-half leader of NorthWestEngland.pm a group dedicated to Perl and Open Source communities (though receptive to other languages/technologies) and responsible for feats of adminion munging such as the London Perl Workshop.

Mark is the chair of the Marketing Committee for the Perl Foundation and responsible for communications of that organisations. He is a member of both the Steering Committee and the Community Committee of the Perl Foundation.

Mark is a member of several local community groups that he either founded or contributes to the organisation. These include Lancaster and Morecambe Makers (Director and Founder Member), the Ethical Small Traders Association and the Lancaster Social.

Mark is a well-known speaker at a number of conferences, he has been awarded twice for his speaking at events. He talks on subjects mostly related to marketing, open source histories and principles, community and social-psychology.

He is a neophyte evangelist of Modern Perl and an advocate of Enlightenment thinking he was the first person to be awarded a Silver Camel by the United Kingdom Perl Mongers for his services to the community, a fact that continues to embarrass him.

Email: <m.keating AT SPAMFREE GO FUCK YOURSELF SPAMMERS shadowcat DOT co DOT uk>



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