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Installation Requirements

Before you start installing MoinMoin, some requirements have to be met. The actual requirements depend largely on what kind of setup you plan for your wiki installation.

What do you need to know?

There are two major ways of using MoinMoin, requiring different knowledge about the environment it is going to be installed in (e.g. operating system, server software, etc.):

(!) Please note, that there are service providers who offer hosted, pre-configured MoinMoin installations. Also, in case you need MoinMoin on your own server, please see the Support Options about how to get help with installation/configuration.

What software do you need to have installed?

The software that has to be installed on the target machine, also largely depends on the type of deployment AND on the features you want to make use of. While the largest amount of functionality in MoinMoin works with a minimal set of requirements, some features can only be activated in the presence of additional software:

Required software

All installations

As MoinMoin is written in Python, you need Python! :)

Quick Installation

Server Installation

Optional services

Optional you may need the following configured services to make use of extended features of your wiki:

Optional software

Following is a list of software required for special features:

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