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Workshops Tuesday 24th March 2015

Google Workshop - Large-scale System Design

Full day workshop, held in the Micklegate & Bootham rooms. (from 9am)

Truly large-scale systems are still rare, and in a world of out-sourcing, and cloud-computing, it's harder for System Administrators to get the opportunity to design large systems. It's even harder to get the design right. Most organisations don't have the in-house expertise to build a large system, so outsource the detailed design to external contractors. If your organisation doesn't have the expertise to design a large system, it's unlikely that it has the expertise to confirm a proposal is fit for purpose and cost effective.

While anyone can wave their hands convincingly, and come up with a rough outline of a large distributed system, those who can also fill in the detail are highly prized. This class will teach you how to design software systems like Imgur and Twitter, then estimate the hardware needed to ensure you can deliver to a hard SLA. You will learn how requirements like queries-per-second, multi-site reliability, and data security impact the cost of implementation.

This will *not* cover concurrent programming and the software-engineering side of distributed systems.

Who should attend:

System administrators, SREs and DevOps who have some familiarity of distributed systems, server hardware and systems programming, especially those who would like to work with, procure or build large distributed systems.

Take back to work:

How to design large distributed systems, how to evaluate design proposals and how to explain such designs to third parties.

Topics include:

Please note that the core theme has remained the same as a last year with a slightly different presentation. If you've already attended, feel free to join again as a refresher, but we are also looking forward to welcoming new guests.

Practical Digital Forensics - by Tim Fletcher

Half-day Workshop, held in the Walmgate room in the Afternoon (from 2pm)

A workshop giving an overview of digital forensics and hands on experience taking forensically sound images of storage media and analysing them.

Covering the legal (UK Law) aspects of digital forensics and the ACPO evidence collection guidelines.

Discussion of the challenges of mobile forensics and demonstration of evidence collection from an iOS device.

Please ensure you have a laptop running a modern version of Linux, or the ability to boot off a CD or memory to a Live distribution.

Zero to Perl by Shadowcat Systems Limited

Half-day Workshop, held in the Walmgate room in the Morning (from 9am)

This workshop is aimed at systems administrators looking to deploy Perl applications in development, staging and production environments along with those wishing to make use of Perl in their systems management tasks.

We'll be talking about:

* Techniques for deploying modules from CPAN * Using specific versions of Perl where needed or desired * Common libraries that systems administrators should know about * Manipulation of databases using DBIx::Class and Schema::Loader


* Experience with programming in another language (ideally a C derivative) * Familiarity with a text editor * Familiarity with your operating system command line

What do I need to bring

* A laptop with a recent version of Perl installed

You'll need to bring a laptop with you with Perl 5.12 or newer installed. Linux distributions and Mac OSX should come with Perl, Windows users will need to install Strawberry Perl (http://strawberryperl.com/).

* A notebook and writing implement of your choice * Some notes will be provided but you may wish to annotate them

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