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Sponsorship Opportunities

We are seeking companies or institutions to sponsor various elements of the conference. Available sponsorship opportunities include:

Conference Dinner: On the Wednesday evening (20th March) all non-concessionary delegates (and any guests who have booked a ticket) go for a conference dinner. The sponsorship opportunity for the dinner has been filled.

Confererence Dinner Wine: There is an opportunity to sponsor wine for the conference dinner.

Bursaries: In the past we've offered bursaries which enable people to attend who might not otherwise be able to (e.g. students) or to under-represented groups. These cost £500/delegate and cover free entry to the conference plus we cover their expenses (travel + accommodation) up to £400.

Speaker sponsor: Occasionally we have speakers who would like to offer a talk, but can't afford the travel costs. A sponsor can agree to pay a fixed amount of the costs so that the speaker can attend.

We also have sponsors who prefer to sponsor the event in general, as opposed to any one particular part, and this enables us to keep the delegate fees to a minimum.

Benefits to sponsors include:

Plus you are of course welcome to publicise to your website/blog/Twitter account that you are sponsoring the event.

If you are sending along a technical person who may wish to give a talk, please see our Call for Papers.

Please contact us at spring2013@flossuk.org if you are interested in sponsoring the Spring 2013 conference.

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