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Call for Papers

Recent past conferences have included sessions on: Perl for Systems Administrators; IPv6; Kerberos, Samba, Scons, Haskell and Chef. If you would like to offer a tutorial that might interest our target audience, please submit a proposal.

Conference: We are currently accepting talks; so if you are a systems administrator, we want to hear from you. We are seeking papers covering all aspects of systems and network administration, including:

If you have a novel solution to a problem, experience of a particular application or hardware platform, tips and tricks for fellow systems administrators, or a favourite tool you could talk about, please submit a paper for consideration by the programme committee.

Significant Dates:

Initial closing date for abstracts: 7th December 2012

Speakers notified by: 15th December 2012

To offer a talk, or make enquiries about a partially formed idea, email spring2013@flossuk.org

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