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Conference Dinner

A conference dinner will be held on the evening of Wednesday 21st March and is generously sponsored by Google

Venue: The Caves, 8 - 12 Niddry Street South, Edinburgh EH1 1NS

Tel: 0131 557 8989


The Event will include a cash bar, and a 3 course dinner with wine.

The Caves is a truly unique venue that makes up the sub-structure of the 18th Century South Bridge. There was once so much Whiskey stored here that it became known as 'Whiskey Row'.

With great regard for preserving the authenticity and history of this venue, these vaults have been painstakingly excavated. Now a UNESCO World Heritage site this is a spectacular and unique venue.


The venue is at 12 Niddry Street South (EH1 1NS) which is a small lane just off Cowgate. If you are struggling to spot it, look for the cow's back and front halves sticking out of the wall. If you walk down Niddry Street then on reaching Cowgate the venue will be on the opposite side of the road. Note that it is NOT directly reachable from South Bridge, there's rather a large vertical gap in the way.

2016-04-12 19:54