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Opengear Bursary


Due to generous sponsorship from Opengear, we are pleased to announce the FLOSSUK 2012 Conference Grant to encourage students in computer science and related courses to attend and participate in the UKUUG 2012 conference, 21-22 March 2012, Edinburgh, UK. We encourage all students to apply.

One person will be chosen from the applicant pool to receive:

To be eligible for a conference grant candidates must:

How To Apply

To apply send, no later than February 29th 2012, an e-mail to spring2012@flossuk.org with the subject heading 'FLOSSUK 2012 Conference grant' containing:

Winners and claim process

The winners will be notified by e-mail by March 5th 2012. If you are a successful applicant, you will be sent your free ticket and a payment form to expense your travel contribution, to be completed and submitted after the event.

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