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Git for Development Teams

by Lorna Mitchell

Thursday 6th February 2014

Now Fully Booked

Please contact office@ukuug.org if you would like to be informed when it runs again

The Ambassadors Hotel, 12 Upper Woburn Place, London WC1H 0HX

full day of training - 10:00 - 17:00

Course Outline:

Bring your laptops and if you can, get git installed beforehand; this is a practical, hands-on session. The first part of the day will focus entirely on using git itself, looking at how we can manage changes to a local codebase and keep track of those. We'll then move on to talk about the distributed nature of git, using GitHub to share changes with one another and to illustrate how teams can collaborate.

You will learn the difference between a branch and a fork, and when to use each one. We'll talk about using pull requests and code reviews, and how those can form part of a team development process. Finally there will be some case studies of common branching strategies, and discussion of whether these, or something else, could be a great fit for your team. By the end of the day you will be ready to implement git within your team with confidence.

Tutor: Lorna is an independent web development consultant and trainer based in Leeds and working with clients across the UK and Europe to improve their development practices. She a published author, and writes regularly for other outlets including netmagazine and her own blog lornajane.net.

A regular conference speaker, you can often find her at events speaking about both business and technical topics, particularly APIs and development tools. Outside of work, Lorna leads the joind.in open source project - enabling real-time public feedback for speakers and organisers of community events - and is an active mentor with PHPWomen.org.

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