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Council is the body which handles the running of FLOSS UK. They are supported by the Secretariat in the office.

Current council members:

You can e-mail Council members individually as 1st-name.2nd-name@ukuug.org, or collectively via council at ukuug dot org.

Those on the Council are elected for three years, after that they can stand once more for another three years.

Members are invited to stand for election to Council, usually at the AGM; if you would like more information please contact the Secretariat.

Non-Council positions

FLOSS UK also has Working Groups through which those who wish to make FLOSS UK more effective can contribute.

The most active FLOSS UK Working Group is that which looks after the quarterly newsletter. This group is responsible for all aspects of production of the newsletter. This group also includes Owen Le Blanc.

The FLOSS UK Local Users Group Co-ordinator is Andrew Findlay.

If you would like to participate in the WGs -- Newsletter, Events, Membership, Commercial Liaison, Academic Liaison, Schools, Web-site & Documentation, Regional Groups, Publicity, Others -- please advise the Secretariat.

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