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FLOSSUK is the name for the UK's oldest open systems user group. It formerly was known as UKUUG (United Kingdom Unix User Group) but this name did not truly reflect the broader field of open source and its connected communities.

FLOSSUK is for people who care about open IT standards and the systems that implement them. We therefore promote the use of open standards in both hardware and software, our favourite tag line is 'free and open technology'.

FLOSSUK promotes education and understanding through our newsletters, regular briefings; conferences and event sponsorship. We are independent of any industry groupings and are organised as a not-for-profit with a controlling, elected, council drawn from our membership. The elected Council meets regularly to organise events, supported by the Secretariat in the office.

We value intelligence, thoughtfulness and long-term thinking rather than immediacy and froth.

You can follow us on Twitter for regular updates, or join our announce mailing list, or chat on irc.freenode.net #flossuk

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